Hello everybody! This is blog about outfits inspired by kpop idols and MV's.
I accept requests for outfits you wanna see! Just drop a message, I don't bite.

You can also find more my outfits on coordinuna.com on section Get The Look. I’m using Anna as my nickname!


Late At Night



(dedicated to my oegye unnie and our late night talk about Kai)

I raised my cup with still warm coffee and as I was sitting on a not too big couch, I kept watching his next movements. I jumped a bit, feeling the pain of sore muscles of sitting in one position for a few hours. The boy…

Just a piece of my writing.

kudosforkpop said: Actually I meant the one without studs, is that one also mcm?

It seems to be same style, so just take a look on MCM site, maybe it’s still available there.