Hello everybody! This is blog about outfits inspired by kpop idols and MV's.
I accept requests for outfits you wanna see! Just drop a message, I don't bite.

You can also find more my outfits on coordinuna.com on section Get The Look. I’m using Anna as my nickname!


Anonymous asked
hiya, i was wondering if you could do an outfit inspired by snsd's sunny from the mv i got a boy :)

Hey! I already did this outfit, check it out HERE! Hope you like it ^^

starlight-elf asked
Omfg I love your blog!! I wish I had half as talent of fashion that you have >.> lol, I was wondering though, can you do VIXX - Voodoo Doll if you haven't done one? Thanks, <3

Awww thank you <3

I already did outfit for “Voodoo Doll”, check it out HERE. Hope you like it!